Tournament Champions! Get The Led Out 2011

It’s true! DamFast won the Get the Led Out 2011 Ultimate frisbee tournament in Cumberland, Maine this past weekend. It was a fantastic event, lovely weather, healthy players, and wonderful day of games.

I’m going to open up this site to any DamFast, 52pickup, and Belfast ultimate members who want to contribute photos, blogs, whatever. All you need to do is register. After I get your registration request, I add permissions to your account so you can post photos and blog entries.

In the meantime, here are some photos from GTLO, courtesy Jason:

Weekly Review 6/20/2010

Nothing beats ultimate frisbee on father’s day. Despite the forecast for rain a number of hardy souls made it to GSB for the 3pm game. A number of complete beginners arrived. I love sharing the sport with newbies and I think they all had fun. Around 4pm the lightning started, first off in the distance, and then closing in. I can’t be sure but it felt like we were in the eye of the storm for a while before it hit us in full. After a short discussion we put the game on hold while we ran to the cars to avoid getting struck by the now much closer lightning. By 4:30 the rain had mostly passed and we resumed the game for another 45 minutes.

Thanks to all who came! See you on 6/27 🙂

Sprained Ankle :(

I sprained my ankle last week while running in the Hart estate with Mike. It didn’t feel like much at the time, but it swelled significantly afterwards. My personal physician and wife, Dr Anne Jacobs, recommended that I give it rest for a week, which meant that I missed one of the few sunny Sundays in weeks. Next week I’ll be away for a wedding, so it looks like the next chance I’ll have will be 8/23. Have fun in my absence!

3 on 3 in the fog

This past Sunday started with a brisk game of 2 on 2 “box” and then after some stragglers arrived we began a game of 3 on 3 on a smaller-than-regulation field. Dark won the game to seven and as well as the follow-up game to three. There was one spine crunching failed layout by Josh, and an incredible successful layout by Noah right at the goal line. Visibility was fine on the field, but the sun never made it through the fog that hung about us. By the time the game was over it was hard to tell if shirts were more wet from sweat or moisture in the air.

Unfortunately, there are no pictures from today’s game.

See you next week 🙂