Get the Led out

Ok, I’m finally able to get these photos up on the site.  They are also available on the facebook 52 pick-up ultimate page, but for those non-facebookers out there here they are.  I put low resolution photos up to save space, but if anyone wants a full resolution shot just send me an e-mail.

The tournament really was amazing, partly because we did so well, but mostly because we had such a fun group of people to play with.  It says something that I was just as happy watching everyone else play as getting in the game myself.  Thanks again to Perry for organizing it, you are amazing.

Tournament Champions! Get The Led Out 2011

It’s true! DamFast won the Get the Led Out 2011 Ultimate frisbee tournament in Cumberland, Maine this past weekend. It was a fantastic event, lovely weather, healthy players, and wonderful day of games.

I’m going to open up this site to any DamFast, 52pickup, and Belfast ultimate members who want to contribute photos, blogs, whatever. All you need to do is register. After I get your registration request, I add permissions to your account so you can post photos and blog entries.

In the meantime, here are some photos from GTLO, courtesy Jason: